Boy plays harp as mom undergos cancer treatment

INDIANAPOLIS (CNN) — An 8-year-old harpist is soothing souls at an Indianapolis hospital by performing as his mother undergoes treatment for breast cancer.

Martin Williamson comes to Community Hospital East with his mom, dad and two sisters, playing impromptu concerts in the lobby for patients and staff members.

"I go into treatment, and when I come out they are here, and people are talking with them," said Tammy Williamson, Martin's mother. "When people see me they say, 'Are you his mother?' Somehow that makes me special because I'm his mother. I'll take that. It's a very big blessing to have a family."

Staff members say the performance is therapeutic for patients and for those who work long hours caring for them.

"This is an unbelievable gift to the staff here, the other patients that are here and, most importantly, to his mother. It's huge," said Dr. Robert Goulet, medical director with Community Breast Care.

Martin said he knows the music makes his mother feel good, but he doesn't dwell on his talent. Instead, he steers the conversation to Thanksgiving and what he is thankful for.

"(I'm thankful for) my family, friends, food, water and Jesus who died on the cross for our sins," Martin said.

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