Boy seriously injured while playing in dumpster in Taunton

TAUNTON, MA (WHDH) - A 9-year-old boy was seriously injured Sunday afternoon while he was playing in a dumpster at his apartment complex in Taunton.

Police said the boy was playing in a dumpster and while trying to climb out, he lost his footing. The lid then came down, crushing his neck between the lid and the dumpster. Police said this made the boy lose consciousness.

“I saw him laying on the ground and I jumped out of the car to make sure everything was alright, I didn’t know what had happened. I just saw him laying there lifeless,” said neighbor Katie Rizo.

The boy was pulled out of the dumpster by his mother, grandmother and a neighbor. Emergency crews revived him and police said he was still unconscious when he was airlifted to the hospital.

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