Boy sickened after eating marijuana-laced candy on school bus in Framingham

FRAMINGHAM, MA (WHDH) - A Framingham middle-schooler became violently sick after his mother said he ate candy laced with marijuana that he found on his school bus.

Stacy Velasquez said she got a phone call from her 12-year-old son, who was crying hysterically and said he ate something. Velasquez said he thought the candy he found on the bus was gummy bears; it turns out, he ate four marijuana-laced gummies.

When Velasquez got to the school, she said her son was shaking in a trance-like state. By the time they got to the hospital, she said his eyes were drooping, his mouth was dry and his blood pressure had spiked. He has since recovered.

The Framingham Superintendent said police are investigating how the candy ended up on the bus. An email was also sent out to alert parents.

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