Boys honored by mayor after returning big find

BRAINTREE, Mass. (WHDH) — Three students found a wallet under a pile of leaves while they were walking to school back in October. Inside the wallet was $1,600.

Justin Maccarone, Brian Maccarone and Michael Fahey weren’t able to find any identification but they knew right away that they wanted to get the money back to its owner.

“I took the elastic off and looked inside and saw there’s like a bunch of hundred dollar bills," said Justin Maccarone.

"If we all lost that much money, we’d want somebody else to bring it back to us," said Brian Mccarone.

"I also kinda felt bad for the lady that lost all of the money,” said Fahey.

One of the boys called his mom who brought the wallet and money to the police station where a very grateful woman came to claim it.

The three boys received all kinds of recognition for their good deed. Braintree’s mayor announced Wednesday, November 13th will officially be Maccarrone and Fahey Day in the town of Braintree in their honor.