Boys wear skirts to school to support classmates’ stand against dress code policy

LAWRENCE, MASS. (WHDH) - A dress code controversy at a Lawrence charter school prompted girls to take a stand when the school demanded they wear their uniform skirts now that school-designated spring has come around, despite the lingering cold weather.

The middle school girls at Lawrence Family Development Charter School are supposed to wear a plaid skirt after March 31. In the winter, the girls wear khaki pants, just as their male classmates do.

The girls took a stand because they feel they should not be forced to adhere to an outdated policy that dictates what season it is. Some boys showed their support for the girls, wearing skirts to class. While some teachers were supportive, others were not.

“I think that the boys were being supportive of the girls to bring about a point that gender equity means gender equity on both sides,” said school superintendent Ralph Carrero.

On Tuesday, students say some teachers tried to force the girls who wore pants to call their parents to bring in skirts, and some attempted to make the boys remove their skirts.

“The fact that the kids brought up the issue that the uniform policy is not really gender equity. They had a very valid point,” Carrero said.

Carrero says the 23-year-old handbook policy will be changed, temporarily at first. The board of trustees will be asked to allow girls to wear their winter uniforms until the last day of school.

“I think it’s a quick fix for the time being, but obviously we have to be true to the process and allow folks to provide input,” Carrero said.

Carrero is urging students to attend a town meeting next week to voice their opinions on the matter.

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