Brady on Belichick: ‘I have been very lucky to play for him’

HOUSTON (WHDH) – Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been at for quite some time. They hold almost every record that there is to hold. But with a chance to make history in Super Bowl LI, the quarterback-coach duo has not softened a bit.

“He’s certainly a disciplinarian. In that sense it’s great. When your the quarterback and your coach does that for you, I don’t have to do any of those other things,” Brady said. “I can be just like the other guys. I am yelled at just like everybody else. It’s nice to feel, especially in my 17th year, that I am one of the guys. I think that is what’s best for the team.”

At age 64, Belichick has logged 42 years of coaching in the NFL, and he still remains razor sharp. Brady says Belichick is just as hard on him today as he was in his rookie year.

“His style I think is very conducive to just getting the best out me, so I think it’s a good fit. I don’t take compliments very well and he does not give very many compliments out,” Brady said.

Brady and Belichick are the longest current quarterback-coach tandem in the NFL. A record fifth Super Bowl would unquestionably solidify them as the best ever.

“He’s the best and I have been very lucky to play for him. He is so focused on coaching and doing whatever it takes to help us win,” Brady said. “There’s no BS with coach Belichick and I think that’s what players like.”

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