It’s full-on revolt out there. Apparently, there was a woman screaming at my picture out in front of the station this afternoon (for the life of me, I don’t know why they showcase my mug shot in front of the station…rather have a forecast scrolling in there). Something to the to tune of “I’m sick of this!” and “Why can’t you make it stop?” Security watched her abruptly turn and march out of sight.

I feel you, dear. I wish I could make it stop. Or even wave the white flag of surrender. Or even stand outside and explain what’s going on….but then again, that’s the job of this blog.

Coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere is pooling over the Northeast and Southeast Canada. A very cold pipeline of cold is being funneled from the Arctic Circle straight into our neighborhoods and town centers. It’s been going on since late January, and in the words of The Architect from The Matrix, ” we’ve become exceedingly efficient at it”.

Sun is on our side this week. Only exceptions are late Wednesday and Thursday. If you note the 7day, it’s milder, but it comes with showers…of rain. It’s important to stress the liquid variety these days.

Cooler temperatures come back for the weekend, but it doesn’t look like the deep freeze we’re in now.

Don’t like it? I know a shoulder you can cry on…out in front of the station.


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