Without a snow pack, you’d expect the temperatures to make a good run today. However, the air is cold and the days are short…therefore, it was a “mid-30s” kind of afternoon.

Even with a cold night ahead, I still expect a slight bump in the temperatures tomorrow. Whether or not you feel it is another story. I still see a brisk breeze throughout the afternoon, contributing to a wind chill. Sunday, however, we’ll turn the page and push the numbers a little more.

And that’s just the start. Monday sees a return to almost early autumn with highs nudging 70 under a partly sunny afternoon! Tuesday falls back, but still above normal.

All of this is ahead of a major shakeup in the weather pattern across the Lower 48. One that has the wet weather coming into the Pacific Northwest and the warm weather heading to the East. On top of that, it’s only temporary. The roles reverse by Thanksgiving. Needless to say, the weather maps have a hard time with this switch up. Timing is an issue too. One little jog and we have a storm in our lap. Another wiggle, and the sun’s back in the forecast.

All this is my foreshadowing for a potential storm on Turkey Day…or the day before…or the day after. The maps keep painting a wet – or snowy – scene for us, depending on which one you chose. As of this morning, it again goes quiet. My theory is to play it safe and give you a heads up for the potential, but keep it off the 7 day and out of the headlines until we become more definitive.

So go. Enjoy your weekend. And go Pats, Crimson, and Engineers!!!!!!!!




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