Since this is Bri Eggers' first summer in Boston, we asked all of our viewers to share your favorite getaways with us. Five of you then became Bri's tour guides and showed her around.

Bri made her way to Marblehead Friday.

Nestled on Massachusetts' North Shore, you can find a town that's close to Joann McCarthy's heart. 

"Marblehead is probably one of the most charming towns you could ever be in," said Joann.

It's a town that really shines in the summer. 

To start the day in true Marblehead fashion, Bri and Joann started out at the Driftwood, an institution in town. 

"I's a place where everybody goes," said Joann.

It wouldn't be a day in Marblehead, a place that prides itself on being the birthplace of the American Navy, without getting out on the water. 

Peter Fine, the Vice Commodore of the Boston Yacht Club, was kind enough to take us for a ride, and even let Bri cover as captain. 

"Do you trust me, Joann?" said Bri. 

"I trust you!" said Joann. "Bri, my life is in your hands, and we're not that far if we have to swim!"

But if sailing isn't your thing, Devereaux Beach is not far away. 

Before sinking any toes into the sand, Bri and Joann stopped at Lime Rickeys for, of course, two Raspberry Lime Rickeys. 

"Oh man! That's good!" said Bri. 

"Delicious," said Joann. 

Bri quickly learned even storm clouds couldn't keep the Marblehead beach-faithful away. 

"I love it 'cause we can also see the weather coming in," said Bri. 

The surf and the sand aren't the only attractions in town, though. There's history everywhere you look. From the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, to Old Burial Hill. 

"A lot of these gravestones go back hundreds of years," said Joann. 

And to the spirit of 1776, hanging in Abbot hall. 

Even the homes in Old Town provide a history lesson. 

"You can see the pride that the homeowners take," said Joann. "They put the signs on the houses."

By now, Bri has learned that clam chowder is a staple in New England, but for Joann, it's the seafood chowder at The Barnacle that keeps her coming back for more. 

"It's the best around," said Joann. 

The steamers didn't fail to impress either. 

"Isn't that good? Fresh, fresh, fresh," said Joann. 

"You can taste the ocean," said Bri. 

Joann even sent Bri home with instructions on how to properly eat a lobster. 

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