Bring On the Snow

Tell me you at least soaked up some of that mid winter sun in the last few days.


Now ready yourselves for a good ol’ fashioned nor’easter tomorrow. Not a clean, cold, all-snow nor’easter, but a sloppy, bobbing rain/snow line kinda storm. If that sounds confusing, try explaining it on TV.

Let’s cut to the chase. The expected snowfall is to the right. The timeline is below. The details are numerous, so let’s get to the headlines…

  • Snow/mix/rain starts 6am-8am, quickly becoming heavy by 10-11am.
  • Mix/rain line moves up to the Mass. Pike by early afternoon, then crashes through SE Mass. into the mid/late afternoon

  • Snow wraps between 7-10pm tomorrow night

    In addition to the precipitation, a coastal flood threat is present too. High tide in the wee hours of the morning Sunday could cause minor flooding on the northeast facing beaches.

    Gusts of wind are a problem too. Although not vicious, they will still top out near 40-50 on the Cape/Islands and along the waterfront on the South Shore. Elsewhere, the wind will be close to the 25-35 mph range. That in of itself isn’t a lot (for a nor’easter) but due to the fact that it comes with heavy, wet snow, there might be some scattered power outages.

    This is just a one-day storm. Sunday we’ll see the snowbanks slump back and the snow partially melt, but cold in the extended range promises to keep most of the white stuff around.

    Stay with 7 throughout the storm!