Brockton woman at odds with school after confrontation with teacher

A Brockton woman was arrested after she went to the school to confront her daughter’s English teacher.

Carla Darosa says she just wanted to clear the air with her daughter’s teacher when she went to Brockton High School on Wednesday, but things got out of control.

The mother claims the teacher had repeatedly made her 15-year-old – an honor student and class president – feel uncomfortable.

"The teacher had called her Ratatouille in front of the class and everyone was laughing at her," Darosa said. "I didn’t like it."

What happens next depends on who you ask.

Carla Darosa says she showed her license at the front desk, was allowed in the building, escorted to class, and waited to talk to the teacher.

But the school says she stormed right through, pushing her way into the classroom and threatening the teacher.

She was arrested but posted a $3,000 bail.

The superintendent of schools, Kathleen Smith, issued a statement, saying, "We welcome parents to our buildings and offer many opportunities for them to interact with teachers … but no one is allowed to walk into the building without signing in."

Darosa is facing trespassing and assault and battery charges.

Both sides are now turning to school surveillance cameras to figure out what happened inside.

"I’m a parent," Darosa said, "and I’ll protect my child no matter what."

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