The title of this blog is so appropriate… “Broken Record.”  Yes, we broke the record!  The winter of 2014-2015 is officially the snowiest winter in Boston!  The report of 2.9″ of snow measured at Logan Airport brought us up to 108.6″ for the season.  That’s exactly an inch over the old record set in 1995-96.  BUT – “Broken Record” also fits as a title, because hopefully we can all stop playing our own “broken records” of “Will we break the record?” and “Stop talking about the record!” and “Let’s SMASH the record!” and “Blame Bri for this snow!”  :c)  We have officially broken the broken record… let’s move on to spring now, shall we?  

After the wacky weather tonight, tomorrow will be awesome.  It’s just the kind of “seasonable springtime” weather we’ve all been waiting for.  Of course, you’ll want to watch out for ice tomorrow morning, but with ample sunshine through the first part of the day and highs in the low to mid 40s, we’ll see more melting!  

St. Patrick’s Day might feel like a day in Ireland… A chilly NW wind, and also a few sprinkles – but I do think our highs will get into the mid to even the upper 40s.  I will say though, even if it doesn’t get that mild – if you drink enough green beer you won’t even notice.

… and you’ll think Tuesday was a dream, once Wednesday arrives.  Very gusty winds stick around with us for Humpday, and temps will struggle to get to 30 degrees.  Yes, that’s right… 30!  It’s a reminder that it’s still winter until spring starts on Friday.  Spring is really going to arrive on Friday, right?!

The question has finally turned away from breaking records and has changed to “more snow?”  I’ll say it again:  We’re in a season of transition.  There will be ups, there will be downs… and quite possibly more snow.  At least we’re not sprinting to the finish line of this snow marathon anymore.  We’re more like crawling to the medic tent for a crunchy, silver thermal wrap and relief.  We all learned an important lesson today: Anything can happen in weather.

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