Police: Man accused of secretly recording customers in Brookline restaurant bathroom

BROOKLINE, MASS. (WHDH) - Brookline police are asking the public for help identifying victims after they arrested a man accused of secretly recording customers using the bathroom at the Chinese restaurant he worked at — for more than 3 years.

A man was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with several counts of secretly videotaping people after an investigation uncovered videos of patrons using the bathroom of the Taam China restaurant on Harvard Street, Brookline police said in a blog post.

The man, whose name has not been released, is slated to be arraigned Friday in Brookline District Court. In an interview with 7News, an employee said her brother — the restaurant’s owner — is the one facing the charges.

She says she doesn’t believe the charges are true.

“No, I don’t believe that. Really. No tape definitely,” she said. “I know that.

Ruth Dinerman, a food inspector at the restaurant, called him “very honest.”

“He’s very open,” Dinerman added. “I think it’s just somebody who didn’t like the food or who just wanted to get back at the establishment.”

The suspect’s identity has not been released. He’s expected to be arraigned in court on Friday.

Customers were alarmed by the charges.

“It’s just sickening and gross that people do these kinds of things,” said Pam Fleetman. “I mean they have to have sick minds to do this.”

“I guess part of me was also thinking, ‘oh no, I hope it’s still going to be open because I like the restaurant,'” said customer David Corwin. “But obviously the more important thing, the much more critical thing, is you know that women are safe or whoever is safe from people looking at them in the bathroom.”

In their post, police issued a call to the public for help identifying victims.

“The police need your help, we are trying to identify victims. If you were in this establishment on the following dates and used the restroom, kindly give us a call,” police wrote. “Please check credit card receipts or your calendar to help confirm one of these dates.”

The dates in question are May 27, 2016; June 10, 2016; Sept. 18, 2016; Sept. 22, 2016; Sept. 23, 2016; Oct. 9, 2016; Nov. 1, 2016; Dec. 1, 2016; Dec. 30, 2016; Jan. 10, 2017; Jan. 23, 2017; Feb. 6, 2017; May 14, 2017; May 25, 2017; July 12, 2017; July 18, 2017; Jan. 10, 2018; Jan. 25, 2018; Feb. 12; 2018; Feb. 15, 2018, according to police.

Anyone who may have been victimized is urged to call detectives at 617-730-2243.

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