Brookline Police warning residents of ‘aggressive’ coyote

BROOKLINE, MA (WHDH) - Police in Brookline are asking residents to be careful of what they called an “aggressive” coyote.

Police said the coyote charged at an officer Friday morning. The incident happened in the area of Washington and Park streets.

Officials provided an update shortly after the initial report, saying the coyote was spotted by a resident in the area of Washington and Greenough streets. The coyote has not been spotted since and has not attacked anyone.

Any residents who see the animal should avoid it at all costs and call 911. Several schools are within a half-mile of the coyote sighting and officials also ask that students travel in groups if they are outside and not approach or run from the animal.

Massachusetts Environmental Police stopped searching for the coyote but said if there is another sighting and it is found, they will evaluate the animal’s condition.

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