From Washington, Brown charged it's this ad that's terribly wrong:

"Tell Senator Brown enough's enough. Ask him to support the "Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act," the ad says.

Brown's reaction to the ad paid for by the League of Conservation Voters:

"Listen, 2 million dollars, coming in from an outside group–we don't know where the money's coming from–trying to distort my record. People deserve better, and I would encourage them to take it down," Brown said.

Hiller: “Isn't this the way it's going to be?”

Sen. Brown: "Well, it's the way it's been since the day I announced almost two years ago. I'm hopeful that the voters know better."

But there are also attack ads supporting Brown…like this one from the Massachusetts Republican Party…

Warren says in the ad: "I have thrown rocks at people who I think are in the wrong.”

The ad is titled: "Matriarch of Mayhem"

Hiller: “Do you believe Elizabeth Warren is the matriarch of mayhem?”

Sen. Brown: "I don't focus on what other people are doing."

Hiller: "Do you ever look at Elizabeth Warren and see Martha Coakley?"

Sen. Brown: (laughs) "Andy, I know you're trying to get the campaign started tomorrow, but you know, people are hurting. They deserve jobs right now."

Is it possible Scott Brown doesn't know this campaign has already started, and won't end until next November?

Because this isn't just a race for a senate seat, it's a struggle for a symbol.

For many Democrats, it's still Ted Kennedy's seat; for many Republicans, it's proof of political change.

That makes the seat priceless…and the millions already spent on it are just a down payment on what's to come.

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