Brown reaches $620,000 settlement with student workers

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Brown University has reached a $620,000 settlement agreement with student dining services workers who accused the Ivy League school of violating federal and state labor laws.

The Providence Journal reported Tuesday that U.S. District Court Judge John J. McConnell Jr. last week granted preliminary approval of the agreement, which includes $450,000 for the students who joined the class-action lawsuit and $165,000 for their lawyers. Each plaintiff will also receive a $5,000 incentive payment.

In reaching the agreement, Brown denies wrongdoing and contends the legal actions have no merit. Brown also says it has increased wages for all student workers.

Two former Brown University Dining Services supervisors and dozens of other workers filed the lawsuit in January, accusing Brown of failing to pay them for on-call and overtime hours they worked.

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