For a debate where neither candidate lost their cool, this was pretty hot.

Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown made their differences very clear on a range of issues from taxes to teepees.

Warren wasn't bad, but Brown was better. The first question was about character, and Brown used it to challenge Warren's claim she's part Native American. "She's not," he said, and Warren couldn't prove she is. That became Brown's theme when it came to taxes and jobs: "she's not telling you the truth."

Warren was at her best linking Brown to the national Republican Party (which is a lot less popular here than he is) and to potential control of the United States Senate. But Warren was less successful attacking Brown's voting record. She tried, but he was always ready.

All of that helped make Brown the winner of this debate. His skill at criticizing Warren with a smile on his face, and his confidence, clinched it.

I don't think Warren lost any votes in the debate, but I think Brown may have won some among undecided and independent viewers. He was more moderate, more energetic, and – to me – it looked like he wants the job more.

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