“Bucket Head Bear” rescued by officials in New York

NEW YORK (WHDH) - Officials have just rescued a bear in New York that had a bucket stuck on its head for three weeks.

On April 24, the NY Department of Environmental Conservation began receiving calls about neighbors seeing a bear walking around with a bucket stuck on its head.

The ECO contacted a wildlife biologist who suggested they set up bear traps in the area. For weeks, the “Bucket Head” bear was not captured.

Then, on May 19, a resident called the ECO because the bear was in their back yard. They were able to track the bear over the next six hours to another back yard where they tranquilized it and removed the bucket, which ended up being a large, plastic food container.

The bear was released the next morning after a successful recovery.

The ECO wants to remind everyone that it is important to secure all garbage and food items in order to protect wildlife.


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