Budweiser releases new beer based on recipe once halted by prohibition

(WHDH) — Budweiser is giving beer lovers the chance to experience and taste history with the release of a new limited-edition brew.

The 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager dates back to the pre-Prohibition era when Adolphus Busch created and brewed a special Amber Lager for his friends and local community to enjoy.

The beer didn’t have a chance to be distributed widely outside the St.Louis area due to the onset of Prohibition in 1920.

Budwweiser’s latest concoction is brewed to “recognize and raise a cold one to America’s determination through Prohibition,” according to a news release.

The amber lager consists of a light, hoppy aroma and a rich caramel-malt taste. As a nod to the pre-Prohibition era, Repeal Reserve boasts a higher ABV than original Budweiser – 6.1% vs. 5%.

The beer will available starting on Monday.

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