Building managers say Legionnaire’s Disease gone from Salem apartment complex

SALEM, MASS. (WHDH) - Management of a Salem apartment complex says water is now safe to use after two people were sickened by Legionnaire’s Disease earlier in the week.

Building managers at the Pequot Highlands Complex say they were notified by the Salem Board of Health after two people fell ill with the form of pneumonia, which can be inhaled in contaminated mist and vapor and causes fever, cough, chills and muscle aches.

They brought in a company to test the complex’s water system and the results came back positive. Residents say they were told they could leave, or stay without water.

“At first they had a meeting to tell everyone about it,” said resident Jamie Leopoldo. “Then after that they hired some people to come in completely clean out the water tape them up so we didn’t accidentally use it.”

“By Friday they shut down the water and they gave us big jugs of water and baby wipes,” said resident Yolanda Messado. “It’s crazy, it’s absolutely crazy, like, who would have thought?!”

Building management says a cleaning team came in on Saturday, and on Sunday residents found signs in the building saying the water is now safe.

“We’re pleased we were able to move quickly to resolve this situation,” Pequot Highlands management said in a statement. “We appreciate the patience shown by residents and the support we received from local and state health officials.”

The building managers will also install special filtering showerheads and replacing faucet aerators throughout the complex and continue testing the water.

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