NEWBURY, Mass. (WHDH) — An eight-month-old bull, weighing 600 pounds, hopped a fence and took off from Tender Crop Farm in Newbury on Friday morning.

It didn’t run, but it strolled down the street, three quarters of a mile.

“Maybe he was heading to the black cow restaurant downtown. He’s a black cow. Maybe he’s looking for mother. He was heading in that direction. Good thing they cut him off, he would have ended up in downtown Newburyport,” said Matt Kozazcki, Tender Crop Farm.

The owners had no idea what was happening until some people starting to call police who then gave pursuit.

“People were chasing him and taking pictures and he became a rock star downtown,” Kozazcki said.

The bull ended up in a sewage treatment area that was fenced in, which made it easy for owners and police to corral the baby.

The bull was returned home to the farm, and owners say he was amazingly calm during the adventure.

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