Burlington HS football players send their support to bus driver battling cancer

BURLINGTON, Mass. (WHDH) — Members of the Burlington High School football team are sending their love and support to a school bus driver as she battles cancer.

Dottie Yeadon has been a school bus driver in Burlington for 32 years.

“A lot of the kids I drove when they were little are the adults in the town now too,” Yeadon said. “They’re all family.”

Earlier this month, Yeadon was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cody Davison, a member of the high school’s football team, said she was his bus driver in elementary school and was in the stands at every football game. The team decided to do something for her so they signed a football helmet for her. The hockey team also signed a helmet for her.

Both helmets say, “You’ve always had our back, now we have yours.”

They’re signed “Love, your boys,” because that is how she always refers to them.

Yeadon said the helmets are her favorite gift and she is very touched that the community is there to support her.

“It’s a blessing, it’s really a blessing. I can’t imagine sitting in that house in a corner all by myself with nobody to talk to,” she said. “It’s a blessing, I sleep at night because of it.”

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