Burn Notice

Still scratching my head over the mild temperatures today. The middle atmosphere typically has a limit as to how warm it will let the surface temperatures get. Maximum temperatures today shouldn’t have gone any higher than 64°. Instead, we saw some spots hit the 68 or 69 degrees!

Yeah, it was minor, but still got burned. Speaking of, fire danger is up as the air is super dry and the breezes are blowing. All across Southern New England the Red Flag Warnings were up.

Now the Red Flag Warning has nothing to do with flags or the color red (besides it’s fuchsia). It’s a throwback to the US Forest Service, who used to raise the red flags in the lookout towers when fire danger was high or extreme. 

Breezes will be lighter tomorrow and the humidity will get a bump in the positive direction thanks to a wind off the water along the coast. That’ll also keep the temperatures in the 50s all along Rts. 1, 3 and 6. Eventually, we may trade it in for a south/southwest wind, but that won’t hit the coast until sunset.

Tomorrow’s bright, but Friday is a cloudy mess. Despite that, we should see highs in the mid 60s and a bit more humid air. Saturday is another very mild day that nears 70 with a chance at a passing noontime shower.

Lastly, please watch for motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians as this stretch of nice weather continues. Too often, distracted driving is to blame for senseless tragedies in the warm season. Look twice and save a life!