Bus driver has meltdown, uses racial slurs

Moorhead, North Dakota (WHDH) — A picture may be worth a thousand words but some nasty words in a video cost a bus driver his job.

Video shows bus driver David Miller fed up with his riders before the bus even leaves the parking lot.

Miller threatens not to move the bus unless the unruly student moves to the front.

Children then begin taunting Miller about his career.

Eventually, a resource officer pulls the student off the bus.

After beginning to drive, the children yell curse words at the driver and fed up, Miller threatens to make them walk.

One of the students begins yelling racial slurs and Miller yells it right back.

As the kids leave, one tries to throw sand at Miller before he drives off.

“I’m not putting up with this crap,” said Miller. “I’m done.”

For video of what happened, watch above.

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