DORCHESTER (WHDH) — A large fire in Dorchester destroyed a building under construction, leaving people ready to move in by next month without a home.

Stephanie Janes and Ken Perry had just put down a $20,000 down payment on one of the condos in the building. The couple said the fire sparked right by the unit they were planning on moving into next month.

“Thank god that nobody was hurt is our first thought,” said Janes. “We’re thankful that nobody had moved into the building yet since it was just supposed to close in a couple of weeks.”

Perry said he is also concerned whether there was any safety issues with the building, including whether there was any structural issues with the roof or the building itself. The couple has not spoken yet with the building’s developer, Trinity Financial.

Trinity Financial said there was 83 units in the building and 28 were under contract.

Statement from Jim Keefe of Trinity Financial:
“Those who were inside the building, which was still under construction, were immediately evacuated. The Boston Fire Department is working tirelessly and we are so grateful for their efforts. We are fully committed to making sure this project gets rebuilt as quickly as possible.”

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