And I don't think we'll ever know. Why? Because whatever he said may not be what the women heard. So his memory probably won't match theirs.

"Don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that all you are curious about. Don't even bother!" Cain said.

And how is that working out?

"Excuse me! Excuse me! What part of 'no' don't some people understand?" Cain asked.

Here's what we understand: this is a story with elements of politics, power, sex, and race. Which means it won't die…no matter what impact it may have on Cain's political, or personal, life:

"That is the D.C. culture. Guilty until proven innocent…" Cain told “the Daily Caller.”

Unfortunately for Cain, complete vindication is nearly impossible. Every story has two sides…and one side of this story will be a shovel for his opponents to pile more dirt on him, while the other side will be a broom his supporters will use to try to sweep him clean.

The first poll out since this story broke shows 55% of potential Republican voters don't think the charges against Cain are serious, and that 69% say they don't make any difference to them.

We don't have numbers from democrats…but wouldn't you guess they'd be the opposite?

We're all entitled to our opinions, but I hope we can all agree Herman Cain is less now than he was a week ago. His campaign has been thrown off course and he's been forced off message. He's lost time and momentum.

We get the government we deserve because we get the candidates we deserve.

All I ask is: looking back at Herman Cain's last week, would you want to run for president?

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