The San Francisco Unified School District has proposed making condoms available for middle school students, leaving some parents outraged.

The proposal would allow middle school students to get condoms only after a consultation with a school nurse. California law allows students to get a condom confidentially and without a parent’s permission. District officials said surveys show that five percent of middle-schoolers are sexually active but only 50 percent of them are using protection.

"We don’t see the sexual images our kids are exposed to," said teacher Daisy Ozin. "Many are starting younger and younger, condoms are a preventative measure."

Some parents told the school board they were against the idea, believing condoms at middle school would send the wrong message to students.

"We are talking 11 to 14-year-olds," said parent Nikkie Ho. "They are not ready for it. It’s not appropriate."

The San Francisco Unified School District already has condoms available for high school students.

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