A California newlywed is appealing for help after she said her wallet was stolen from her bridal suite during her wedding ceremony.

Michele Wilcox said the wallet was stolen from the bridal suite some time between when she left the suite and walked up the stairs to the wedding ceremony. 

Wilcox said shortly afterward, charges began appearing on her account. Within an hour and 12 minutes, Wilcox said the suspect made more than $1,400 in purchases on her card before she could get it deactivated. 

Police have released surveillance footage of the woman using Wilcox's card. She posted the photos on Facebook, where they quickly made their way around.

"By the time I woke up in the morning, I had 387 shares in my inbox with some leads, none of which have panned out yet, and just a lot of attention," said Wilcox. "Nobody can believe that somebody would take it from a bridal suite."

Wilcox said she was relieved she had her passport, checkbook and cash in her suitcase, as she and her husband were still able to go on their honeymoon in Canada.


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