California couple face federal judge in Boston amid college admissions scandal

BOSTON (WHDH) - A California woman accused of getting her three children into college with fake athletic credentials faced a judge in Boston on Monday.

Davina Jackson stood before a judge while her husband Bruce, accused of the same crime, stood by in support of her.

Both are charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

The Isacksons are accused of paying more than $500,000 to Rick Singer, the alleged mastermind behind the college admissions scandal, to help get their first daughter into UCLA as a soccer recruit. Her soccer profile is allegedly fake.

The Isacksons’ second daughter was admitted into USC but prosecutors say she was reportedly listed as a rowing recruit when she was actually an avid equestrian.

This all came to a head after Singer allegedly called the Isacksons and discussed payments and potentially using the same scheme for their third child while his phone was wiretapped by the FBI, according to court paperwork. Documents also say the Isacksons expressed concerns over the scandal getting out to the public.

On Monday, Davina, who is a dual citizen in the U.S. and Canada, had both of her passports taken away and was released on $1 million bail.

Bruce Isackson does not yet have a court date scheduled.

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