California custodian memorizes first 400 digits of Pi, shocks students

It sounds straight out of the big-screen blockbuster "Good Will Hunting", but it’s not Hollywood make-believe.

61-year-old Charlie Asbill isn’t just a custodian at California’s Denair Middle School.

He’s a self-taught man with a unique gift for memorization and a lifelong fascination for numbers.

"I knew I could remember like 40 numbers and not even try," Asbill says. 

So when a math teacher challenged him to recite the first 400 digits of pi two years ago he was able to do it with a short amount of practice.

On Monday, Pi Day, he blew everyone’s minds when he took the stage at a school assembly and more than doubled his personal best, rattling off 820 numbers of pi, line-by-line.

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