California officer recorded pulling gun on unarmed man

A heated exchange was caught on camera as police in California are investigating an incident where an officer is seen drawing his gun on an unarmed man. 

The incident happened last week outside the man’s home. 

The cellphone video has just been released.

In the video, the officer is seen driving up to Don McComas’ home while he loaded up his boat on his driveway. Then, the police cruiser stopped for several minutes. 

McComas pulled out his cellphone and started recording and the officer did the same on his phone. 

Then the officer got out of his car and an exchange took place. 

The officer pulled out his gun and told McComas to take his hand out of his pocket and put the items in his pocket on his car. 

McComas asked the officer why he was at his home and if he was charged with anything. 

Finally, the officer left, telling Mccomas to have a nice day and to put the video of it on YouTube.