California woman’s violent kidnapping caught on camera

LOS ANGELES (WHDH) - A kidnapping in California was caught on camera.

In the surveillance footage seen in the video above, you can see the victim, a woman, talking to a man.

The woman attempts to walk away but the man opens the door to his van, follows the woman and attacks. He grabs the woman by her hair and violently throws her inside of his van.

When the victim tries to escape, the man shoves her back inside the vehicle. Footage shows another person sitting in the passenger seat.

The suspected kidnapper casually walks around the vehicle, gets in the driver’s seat, and pulls away.

“Every case is very serious and she was taken by force and against her will so every case plays out different and we hope that we get any information that anybody has,” said Officer Irma Mota. “That would definitely help us figure out who this woman is and who the suspect is.”

It is unclear if the two knew each other and police have not yet determined a motive for the kidnapping.

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