Cambridge attempts to ban city employees from using United Airlines

CAMBRIDGE (WHDH) - The Cambridge City Council passed a proposal Tuesday seeking to ban city’s employees from flying on United Airlines.

Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons released a statement, saying she does not want the city’s tax dollars supporting the embattled airline.

Here’s Simmons’ full statement:

“If city staffers need to fly out of state on official city business, we do not don’t want our tax dollars supporting United Airlines. It is our hope that we can ‘vote with our wallets,’ and send a message not just to United Airlines, but to any organization or company who treat their customers in such a reprehensible way risk more than just terrible headlines.”

In early April, a video that captured police officers dragging a passenger from an overbooked United flight sparked an uproar.

Now, United is reviewing its handling of a giant showcase rabbit that died after being shipped across the Atlantic from Britain on one of its flights.

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