CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - After a city council vote Monday night, Cambridge joins a handful of cities in America where turning on red is illegal.

The new road rule going into effect bans drivers from turning on red citywide.

“One of the intentions of banning it citywide is really to prompt other municipalities to look at banning this movement citywide so that we can have a greater safety improvements in the region,” Alanna Mallon, of the Cambridge City Council said.

A quick drive around Cambridge showed many intersections already have no right on red signs. But city council members said the citywide ban is an extra step to protect bikers and pedestrians, and many agree.

“The first bike accident I had, which was not anything serious, was exactly like, a car turning right,” Nima Dehmamy, who bikes in Cambridge, said.

“I think it’d probably be safer for pedestrians and the bikers as well, but understand that that might cause some more traffic jams around here, which is not always ideal,” one woman said.

The change led to concerns about more traffic congestion in the area. The council said they are considering the issue as well.

“I’ve authored a different amendment to address an issue that traffic and parking would allow for some flexibility to allow this movement,” Mallon said, “so long as they determine there is no negative safety impacts.”

New York City implemented a ban on turning right on red, and Washington DCs ban is in the works.

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