Cape Cod couple ties the knot in hospital so ailing grandmother can attend

A Cape Cod couple decided to change their wedding plans to make sure they could celebrate their special day with a loved one.

Samantha and Brendan Moquin had originally planned to get married on Sept. 21, but because of the pandemic, they pushed the date back a year.

But, Samantha’s grandmother’s health recently took a turn for the worse so the couple decided there was no time to waste.

“We had made an agreement with each other that if for any reason one of our grandparents, their health had gone downhill suddenly for any reason that we would do everything that we can to bump up the wedding and make it so that they were all involved,” Brendan explained.

“My grandmother who, we’ve been inseparable ever since I was a baby. If you have the pleasure of meeting her, she is wild,” Samantha said.

They hurried to the Town Hall and applied for a marriage license.

Back at the hospital, the staff moved her grandmother to a room with a beautiful view and allowed the entire family into the room for an intimate ceremony.

The bride took to Facebook afterward to say that it was her perfect fairytale wedding.

“She tried to explain to us, you know, that it wasn’t about having that fairytale wedding, the huge wedding, and the dresses and all of that is really about being together and celebrating our marriage for the two of us and not for anybody else,” Samatha said. “It was pretty crazy.”

Hundreds of people tuned in to watch the couple get married.

They said they plan on taking their honeymoon when it is safer to travel.

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