Cape residents say their Amazon packages are stuck in West Yarmouth UPS “vortex”

YARMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - A mystery is unfolding on the Cape.

“Well, it’s the vortex of packages on the Cape,” says Christiane Fabrizio.

“Everyone is here, we’re just lining up every day,” says Bob Schriber. “I was here yesterday, there was a two-hour line that I didn’t wait in.”

‘It’s been a pain,” says Blake Swartz.

Customers are calling the UPS facility on Ansel Hallet Road, “the West Yarmouth vortex,” where packages go and never get delivered.

“It’s getting to be a problem with everyone,” says Craig Lyon.

Lyon owns a construction company. He’s relying on UPS and Amazon to get parts he can’t get anywhere else.

“I have more than one package, I have like five. They all say they are delayed due to weather,” says Lyon.

Lyon says that’s been the excuse for a few weeks.

“It’s very frustrating. I mean I have a house all ready to go that just needs one little part. And the inspector will not approve a house without the proper circuit and I can’t get it<” says Lyon.

Bob Schriber just reopened his small shop, Instant Karma, but he can’t get the inventory he needs.

“It’s paid for, it’s shipped but it’s in a black hole somewhere,” says Schriber.


We contacted UPS for answers. The company says its delivery schedules are similar to peak holiday shopping season and gave us this statement, saying “The vast majority of our services continue with the same time commitments our customers have come to expect. We are diligently working to address any delays, prioritizing time-sensitive deliveries such as medical and pharmaceutical packages.”

People in line say the problem seems specific to Amazon packages.

“I’ve been tracking packages for over a week and according to my nifty UPS app, they’ve been here, they’ve been loaded on the truck and then taken off the truck and then out for delivery and all kind of miscommunications,” says Fabrizio.

UPS would not comment on the company’s relationship with Amazon and declined to say if they plan to hire more workers to fix the problem.

“They just said they had an overload of packages and can’t handle it,” says Swartz.


Amazon tells us it’s starting to work with other delivery providers in the area, to help with the backlog.

The company says customers are encouraged to reach out to Amazon customer service to resolve any delivery issues.

“Oh it’s maddening. It is absolutely maddening. The frustration level is off the charts,” says Fabrizio.


7NEWS did give Amazon the names of people we spoke to in line. Amazon says it will flag those accounts and speak to those people.

If you’re having a problem with the West Yarmouth vortex, please email We can pass your information along to Amazon.

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