Capsized kayaker rescued after 17 hours in Long Island Sound

NEW YORK (AP) — A fisherman was rescued after spending 17 hours adrift on Long Island Sound after his kayak capsized.

WABC-TV reports that 56-year-old Michael Diaz, of Huntington, Long Island was found clinging to rocks outside a lighthouse near Norwalk, Connecticut on Sunday.

Diaz says he was wearing a life vest when he shoved off from Lloyd Harbor Village on Long Island on Saturday. He says his kayak capsized in rough water early Saturday evening and he spent all night floating in the middle of the Sound.

His roommate reported him missing the next day. A massive search was launched before he was located by Suffolk County Marine Bureau officers after being spotted by a passing boater.

Diaz was treated for hypothermia and exhaustion and is expected to be released this week.

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