Captain couldn’t see breakwater before ferry crash

HYANNISPORT, Mass. (AP) — Officials say the captain of a ferry couldn’t see the breakwater before the vessel crashed into a jetty in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, leaving 18 people injured.

The Steamship Authority said Tuesday that waves, estimated to be about 5 feet high, had obscured the breakwater’s image. The captain later saw it and administered the “panic stop.”

The ferry Iyanough hit the jetty and grounded on the rocks at the Hyannis Harbor entrance on June 16, sending 15 people to the hospital. The vessel had been carrying 48 passengers, six crew members and three food service workers.

The authority has said drug and alcohol tests came back negative for the captain and the pilot.

The ferry is expected to be out of service for three to four weeks for repairs.

The investigation continues.

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