Car and duck boat collide in Seattle

SEATTLE (WHDH) — A duck boat giving a tour collided with a car in Seattle on Sunday.

Witnesses offered conflicting reports about what happened before the crash. Darcy Kelly, who was on the “Ride with Ducks” tourist attraction, said she saw the driver turn in front of the duck boat.

“We weren’t going very fast,” said Kelly. “I just watched her do it and I heard the crunch and I was like, she just turned right into him.

Another witness said he saw the duck boat hit the car.

“The duck went to go change lanes and hit the center of her car and spun her right in the middle of the road,” said Matt Hanaford.

Firefighters said the 65-year-old woman behind the wheel of the car injured her hand but is expected to be OK. No other injuries were reported and the tourists were transferred to another duck boat.

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