DENNIS, Mass. (WHDH) — A man who was almost hit by a truck in Dennis got to look over the surveillance video with his girlfriend on Monday while the man who was driving that truck faced a judge in court.

Michael Braman had gone out to the store just after midnight on his girlfriend’s birthday when the crash occurred; he was able to leap to safety behind the counter.

"If he had been just a little bit more where that truck had just hit. It was close,” Jen Cronin, Braman’s girlfriend, said.

Braman said it all happened so quick he barely had time to process it.

"The truck came in and it looked like it was coming right for me, but I guess it started to but then he swerved off,” he said. "At that point I was waiting for the counter to come in and crush us."

The ordeal continued as the driver put the truck into reverse and began to maneuver the truck until it was free and he was able to leave the same way he came in.

"That was why I leapt over the counter and when he started backing up because he swerved that way and I didn’t want him to swerve back and hit me,” Braman said.

Christopher Sprague appeared in court facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident, vandalism to property and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

Braman said after seeing the video he couldn’t believe that he and the clerk survived.

"Seeing all the damage, the whole half of the store just ripped apart and blown apart, it’s pretty incredible."

Cronin says she very happy Braman wasn’t injured and that he considers himself very lucky.

"I thought that was the best birthday present ever just having him alive. He’s very lucky and we’ve got angels watching over us."

Sprague was released on $500 bail.

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