Car Wash For You, and You, and You

Trying to find the silver lining can sometimes be hard, but if you look hard enough, you can find it.  Although we deal with a soaking rain at times today, your salt crusted car will get some help as the big ole downpours will likely wash it off for you.  Also, it’s a milder day, so at least it’s not a cold rain. That’s the good news, now off to the bad… 

The evening commute is likely more impacted by the rain than the morning.  While we will see the occasional shower this morning and damp roads for many, the scattered downpours don’t open up until midday (around lunch time).  Those downpours become more widespread mid to late afternoon, dropping about 1-1.5" of rain for many by sunset.  After sunset, rain tapers off to scattered showers that end by mid evening. Winds are gusty today too, up to 45mph for the Cape and Islands. There’s also the potential of some minor coastal flooding near high tide this morning (8-9am) and again this evening (8:30-930pm) across the south facing coast of Buzzards Bay. 

While a passing shower is still possible Friday, we’ll get more dry hours than wet.  An area of low pressure of more interest closes in on us on Saturday.  It’ll be a small and potent low and if it tracks close enough to our coast, it’s possible to see late day rain showers flip to wet snow Saturday and Saturday evening.  Track would determine IF and how much wet snow we’d get, but at least some minor accumulation would be possible. 

Opening Day looks like April often does around here.  Cool, mid to upper 40s, mostly cloudy and a slight risk of a few sprinkles of passing shower. 

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