Carlos Arredondo donates cowboy hat to Boston Marathon exhibit

An enduring image that gave the world a snapshot of what it means to be "Boston Strong" in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings is gaining new meaning. 

The cowboy hat in that picture is now headed to a special place. 

The photo became the most iconic image from the attacks, displaying the resiliency and strength of the survivors and rescuers. 

Now, Carlos Arredondo, once known as the "man in the cowboy hat," is donating the famous hate to an exhibit by the Boston Athletic Association. 

"On behalf of all the survivors, especially the first responders that day, it’s an honor to display this item here to remember," Arredondo said. 

The hat has become a symbol of "Boston Strong." Arredondo rushed to save Jeff Bauman, the survivor who helped police capture the bombers. 

Now, the hat will remain a piece of history for everyone to see. 

"It’s lovely to have Carlos choose this as the place where people can see this year round," Tom Grilk, Executive Director of the BAA, said. "This is the place where the Boston Marathon is open year round."

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