As Ben Carson tries to move past questions about the accuracy of the stories he’s told about his life, he’s getting no help from his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told MSNBC this morning, "We’re responsible for the personal stories we tell about our lives and we need to be asked about them."

As for Carson’s complaint that he’s being given too much scrutiny by the media, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says, "You ain’t seen nothing yet." He says, "If you run for office, you’re going to be put through the sausage grinder."

Carson is expected to face additional questions at tomorrow night’s Republican debate.

He told CBS yesterday that questions about discrepancies in his autobiography are distractions from "much more important" matters facing the country and that he’d discuss any "real" scandal uncovered about his past. He strongly disputed any dishonesty or wrongdoing. Carson insists no other candidate has received the level of scrutiny that he has.

Politico last week published a piece examining Carson’s claim of receiving a scholarship offer to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The academy does not offer scholarships, instead extending all expenses paid to students it admits.

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