We know "high pressure" is our friend – generally.  The sinking, subsiding air that comes with high pressure dries things out, and will bring us bright sunshine tomorrow!  That’s the good news, but it comes with a trade-off.  Our highs in the low 60s today will turn into highs in the low 50s tomorrow.  Maybe you’re thinking, "That’s not all that bad!"  It won’t be… just a big change from today.  Remember, temperature readings are taken in the shade – so when you step out into the direct sunlight it can easily feel 5 (or so) degrees warmer.  The dry and crisp air will be with us for the start of the work week, and the sun stays in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday.  

While it’s nice to enjoy the sunshine, we do need the rain!  Today’s showers weren’t much to write home about; generally less than 0.10".  Well, that will all change by the middle of the week.  The remnants of Patricia are still dumping rain on parts of Texas, to Mississippi and up to Tennessee.  Some of that energy and tropical moisture will be grabbed up by another system and brought into our neighborhood by the middle of this week.  We still have a couple of days to nail down the details with this, but it looks like for a widespread 1-2" of rain for most, with some areas between 2-3".  This will be a wind swept rain (very gusty winds through early Friday), with mild temperatures reaching to near 70° on Thursday.  

The Halloween forecast looks dry!  BUT cold.  Witches, ghosts and goblins will need something to keep them warm for trick-or-treating with temps in the mid 40s.  I always balked at the idea of covering my princess costume with a coat, even though my mom insisted.  Eventually, we came to a good compromise to wear the warm layers UNDERNEATH the costume.  Yes, it adds a little bulk – but it ensured that everyone knew I was dressed up as a princess and not just a cold kid with a crown.  :c)  – Breezy

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