Challenge Accepted

Last night I hemmed and hawed on TV about how all summer long, we've had the potential for strong and severe storms, only to see that potential fade as the afternoons/evenings passed – and leaving a lot of parched lawns and gardens in the wake.

Well, Mother Nature must have been listening. She certainly delivered today. 

Crazy storms in the morning, and nutty storms in the afternoon. Severe outbreak indeed…complete with tornado warnings and intense wind gusts. This could have been the culminating event of the summer. 

Shown to the right are all the severe storm reports. Hail and strong wind dominated the picture. Morning damage was primarily in SE Mass. Afternoon damage was along and north of the Pike. 

Special significance was given to the term microburst throughout my afternoon/evening reports. Just what is it? Check the graphic to the right. Essentially, we're talking about hyper-local wind bursts that produce a lot of damage….sometimes equivalent (and often mistaken for) tornado damage. These storms were big hail producers too. Just a sampling…

Hey @pbouchardon7 biggest hail I've ever seen! (Just look quick, pay no attention to the diaper)

— Larry Doherty (@larrydoherty) August 4, 2015

@pbouchardon7 @7News Brookline hail

— Andy Hoff (@hoffandy3) August 4, 2015

Leftover storms were still grumbling around the area this evening, but since the atmosphere has been worked over by the day's events, they are running out of gas and fading as the sun sets. Rest assured, this day will be remembered, but not relived tonight.

More unstable air is around tomorrow, but the threat for severe weather is low. Storms may fire at random in the afternoon, but the primary threat may be small hail. Temperatures leap into the low 80s again before the cooler air arrives.

Cooler air is hot on the heels of the stormy weather. We'll find ourselves in a different world by tomorrow evening.

Stay dry!