Change is good, right? That’s what they say and I guess it’s true if you are expecting it. So expect changes today and this week too! In terms of today, it’s a weak weather system that moves through here in two stages. The first stage arrives early with clouds and even a few flurries up until 9am. The second stage doesn’t arrive until 5-7pm tonight which means much of the day will be dry with even some sunshine before stage two arrives and even when it does only isolated rain showers are expected.

More changes ahead for the week with a fast moving weather system tomorrow evening leading to clouds and a few rain/wet snow showers south of the Pike then back into sunshine by Wednesday. At that time the jet stream will also undergo changes allowing much warmer air to show up by Thursday & Friday. Temps at the end of the week should easily reach the 50s and perhaps the 60s on Friday!

Change is indeed good.


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