BOSTON (WHDH) - At least one person was arrested during a Boston City Council meeting as controversy surrounding Councilor and Suffolk County District Attorney candidate Ricardo Arroyo continues.

Boston Police said the arrest was made after supporters of Arroyo were thrown out of the meeting Wednesday. Their protests came as three of Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo’s big-name endorsers yanked their support for his Suffolk DA candidacy, after a Boston Globe story revealed new details about sexual assault allegations tied to Arroyo.

The Globe reports that Arroyo was investigated twice for sexual assault, though no charges were filed. In response, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey have pulled their endorsements for the candidate. Arroyo has said he did not know about the investigations and denies any allegations of sexual assault.

“I think people are making decisions for themselves – this was always a campaign about individuals of Suffolk County having an option for a progressive, forward-minded district attorney,” Arroyo said in response. “Those are decisions that voters are going to have to make for themselves on Sept. 6. I respect that other people are making decisions for themselves.”

Meanwhile, several other prominent politicians have pulled their support for Arroyo, including City Council President Ed Flynn, who stripped Arroyo of his appointments on the City Council.

As a result of the investigations, Arroyo is suing for copies of the investigative files and said he wants them made public.

“I am trying to get that file so that we can have a full, complete, actual conversation on this, that is fact-based and based on what has actually been found and what the evidence would show,” Arroyo told reporters.

Arroyo has accused his opponent in the DA’s race, incumbent Kevin Hayden, of leaking the sealed reports, calling it a “political attack.”

In a statement, the Hayden campaign said in part that “After multiple sexual assault allegations against him, one of Ricardo Arroyo’s victims has bravely come forward, because, in her words, she “[fears] what could happen if he gets into a position of power.” The question for those who have continued to support Ricardo Arroyo is simple: Do you believe women? Do you believe this woman? If the answer is yes, how can you possibly justify continuing to stand by him?”

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