Chaos erupts during House sit-in

Chaos occurred on Capitol Hill Wednesday night, as Democratic lawmakers continued their sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The sit-in started just before noon, with Democrats demanding a vote on gun control measures.

Speaker Paul Ryan gaveled the House back into recess Wednesday night, after trying to regain order.

Ryan said the Chair wished to comment on the decorum in the House Chamber.

“The Chair would hope that the business of the House could be conducted in a fashion that respects positively on the dignity and decorum of this institution,” Ryan said.

But Democrats demanding change in gun control laws had other ideas, and chanted “No bill, no break” over Ryan.

Ryan tried to move forward with previous business, but it was nearly impossible.

Earlier in the day, John Lewis, the man who spearheaded the sit-in spoke, known to be an icon of the Civil Rights Movement.

“We are fighting for the right of people to live without fear of gun violence,” Lewis said.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren joined dozens of other Democrats tweeting from the floor when Ryan had the cameras turned off for hours.

Late Wednesday night, Warren brought doughnuts.

Democrats demand the Speaker keep lawmakers working through next week’s planned recess until the House votes on background checks and a no fly, no buy bill.

Republicans are calling it a show.



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