Charlton firefighters rescue dog from garage roof

A dog wound up on the roof of a Charlton garage and rescuers had a hard time getting him down.     

The Charlton Fire Department was even called to the scene to assist in the rescue. 

"When you come in an start your shift you never know what’s going to happen," Lt. Brian Ouellette said. 

The homeowners were away and when they came home they found their dog on the roof of the garage. 

"He had gone out the bedroom window on the front side of the house to smaller roof then jumped onto the garage roof," Ouellette said. 

With cat-like reflexes, the 80-pound dog pounced around for a while, nearly 10 feet off of the ground. 

Then, Murphy realized he was stuck, so he snuggled up to the chimney to wait to be rescued. 

"I sent a firefighter up a ladder to continue comforting the dog and then we formulated a plan as to how we were going to get the dog down," Ouellette said. 

Charlton Police took some photos of the firefighters during the daring rescue. 

Eventually, they were able to convince Murphy to climb onto the ladder truck and down to safety. 

"He was a little apprehensive, got him into the bucket and got him down to the ground," Ouellette said. "He seemed very content at that point."

His parents thanked the heroes on Facebook for saving their four-legged friend. 

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