Check the Forecast… Check it Twice

 We are definitely heading into one of those weeks where it’s important to check in with the forecast twice a day.  It’s an active pattern that’s setting up, with an onshore flow to keep things cool… and while we can give you the gist of it all now – the minute details will become clearer the day before each day, rather than 5 days before.  More on that in a moment.

Anyone else get an early wake up call with the early morning thunderstorms?  Downpours, lightening and loud booms got my family out of bed at 5:30am.  The weather-geek in me never minds the alarming alarm.  I want to know everything about what’s happening in a storm like this, and I’m up checking the weather app on my phone and tweeting.  Luckily, that fast moving storm didn’t stay with us through the day, but the winds sure were feisty.  Gusts were close to 60mph in some spots (Milton with a 58mph gust) and wreaking havoc on some cars and trees in the area.The winds will pull back overnight, but I do expect Easter Sunday to still be fairly windy.  Gusts will be around 30mph though, so that’s an improvement upon today.  

Now, back to my thought about “check the forecast, then check it twice:” The reason I say this is because there really isn’t a “for sure” dry day through this entire week.  Even tomorrow’s forecast runs the risk of a few sprinkles… and/or wet snow.  *GASP!*  Last weekend marked 10 weekends in a row with snow in Boston.  Let’s not make this weekend #11.  There’s still a slight chance it could happen, but I don’t think it will be measurable.  So while I do believe we should be in the clear for a new statistic, there could still be some things flying through the air late tomorrow night that resemble winter precipitation, ie. snow.

Sunrise for Easter Sunday is at 6:20 am, and if you’re heading out for an early service you’ll want to bring the winter coat.  Temps will bottom out in the mid to upper 20s.  While I do think that we’ll get back up to 50 degrees for highs tomorrow afternoon, we keep the clouds around and the wind is still packin’ a punch.

So, here’s my “gist” of this week’s forecast:  Pack an umbrella and plan on wearing the coat out each and every day.  Again, it’s one of those week’s where you’ll need to wake up with J.R. on Today in New England, and check in with Pete on 7News at night… every day and every night.  Though, I will tell you now that Tuesday and Wednesday look to be the soggiest/coolest/breeziest… and Thursday could be a dry day, maybe. 

First things first though, enjoy your day tomorrow!  No matter what holiday (if any) you celebrate, it will be a decent “springtime in New England” day.  :c)  – Bri